Professional Recognition

Sen. Don Shooter, R-Yuma and Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee: “Gretchen is without a doubt one of the best, most talented political consultants in the state. I’ve seen her take on an issue and change the board from red to green in a matter of hours.  Her tenacity and effectiveness are matched only by the integrity with which she gets the job done.”
Rep. John Kavanaugh, Chair of the House Appropriations Committee: “An effective lobbyist develops good working relationships with legislators, knows the facts, communicates them understandably and concisely, anticipates the arguments of the opposition and counters them first and knows how to ferry a bill through the twisting legislative process. Were the dictionary to have a definition of ‘effective lobbyist,’ Gretchen Jacobs’ picture would be right next to it.”
The late Jake Flake, former Republican Speaker of the Arizona House: “Gretchen is top notch. She works well with everyone in the Legislature and there aren’t many lobbyists I would say that about.”
State Rep Bob Robson, R-Chandler: “She is highly effective and yet somehow manages to keep a low profile.”
Dale Rinard, President/CEO, TERROS: “Gretchen’s knowledge and talents are remarkable. She maintains high ethical standards and is well-respected by the Legislature. TERROS is fortunate to have Gretchen as its representation.”
Phil Calzadilla, Regional Sales Manager, Cisco: “Gretchen goes above and beyond to understand our public sector customers’ most urgent problems and then collaborate with our team to develop solutions. She is more than a consultant – she’s a valued and trusted partner whose passion, candor and understanding are invaluable to our team.”
Tim Deskin, Cognos: “Gretchen is resourceful, well-connected and effective.  She’s one of a kind.”

Named, “Best Female Lobbyist” by Arizona Capitol Times, 2016

Named, “Best Female Lobbyist” by Arizona Capitol Times, 2014

Named, “One of Five Top Female Lobbyists” by Arizona Capitol Times, 2013

Named, “One of the most effective lobbyists in Arizona” in survey of legislators and peers by the Arizona Capitol Times, Political Almanac, 2009

Received, “Heart of Business Award,” Phoenix Business Journal, 2008

Awarded, “Legislative Leader of the Year” for Social Services by Arizona Capitol Times, 2007

Named, “Forty Under Forty,” Phoenix Business Journal, 2007

Featured, “Five Female Lobbyists Carry Clout in Valley,” Arizona Republic, 2007

Featured, “Women Make a Difference in Arizona Politics,” Arizona Business Gazette, 2007

Featured, “Arizona Politics,” Arizona Woman, 2007

Featured, “Women in Public Policy,” Arizona Capitol Times, 2006